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August 17 / 2015

Gone back to an older site format. Still out of business

June 29, 2010


Well I have bad news. We just sold the our house which also means. I will not be producing any new tracks in the near futrue.

It's ashamed because, there was a lot of thought and hard work put into the project studio I built.


However before I moved though. I've manage to dig up all the new and classic Calamity Brother mixes I have in possesion and upload all of it to

There is 33 tracks in total, but I have a sneaky suspicion there maybe more.

I also have a bunch of recently produce IYG tracks which hopefully I can get that up as well and some track I have created within the past year


Mr. Festor

ps Don't fogot to check out our forums .The Basement Louge

June 30, 2009

Uploaded 2 Lauren Lefneski Songs

June 29, 2009

Uploaded 8 ParkHolm Parlour Songs

June 12,2009

Uploaded Devil Courtyard - Live from the Embassy 1994

April 25, 2009

Uploaded 4 Safe In September songs

April 19, 2009

Uploaded Lord YG - Birth of the 99 Styles

April 10, 2009

Live streaming mp3 flash uploaded MonsterZero Raw to Unparallel

Now that we are fulfilling some pass promises we hope you will enjoy the benefits of our progress.

Unparallel Productions promises to keep on delivering what it has stated it has set out to achieve bringing forth in the latest of new talent and continuous development of present talent in south western and south central Ontario.


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About Unparallel Productions


Welcome to the home page of Unparallel Productions. We are now two small independent project studios joined in music production with facilities located in both London and Guelph Ontario.

In the past we specialized in astro-fused electric and hip-hop music, but now we our expanding into new genres such as acoustic and electronic rock. We are always continuously upgrading our music production tools, equipment and recording and mixing techniques to meld new talent into seamless craftwork.

<== Studio mixing room(Everything gets mixed here)


We have been recording and preparing professional music, demos and marketing strategies since 1995. We are currently working with other artists on developing a cutting edge independent record label.

<== Studio small instrument and vocal room(See Lauren Lefneski).



We currently offer on-site mobile recording capability. Recording 8 tracks simultaneously @ upto 24bits/192khz sampling and with virtually unlimited track editing technologies along with a modest complement of high quality vocal and instrument mics.

We also offer specialized pre-production services or made to order hip hop and electronic instrumentals. If you are interested in any of the material you sample or hear on this site or have any ideas to sure be sure to email us at

<== Mobile recording(Parkholm Palour, Safe in September)

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